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How do I program something on a floppy disk?


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I am pretty sure that it in the computer, when there is a disk drive next to it and a disk is inside, all you have to do is say "move (name of the file) (name of directory)" The name of the directory is disk I think, but I have to get back to yoou on that. Try this using disk in the meantime. If not, then look at your directories and see what other directories are available in the computer. I haven't used computercraft in a while, so I'm a little rusty, but I'll get back to you quickly.

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Okay, the directory is disk. Just say "move(or copy depending on what you're doing) [Name of file] disk" Then to make sure the file is there change the directory to disk: "cd disk". Then look at programs and you should find the program there. To revert back to the main directory, simply say "cd os". To move this file off of the disk and onto another computer say "copy [name of file] os". You could use move, but that would take the program off of the disk. I hope this helped.

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