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Reporting a phishing site for the technicpack


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I am sorry, i couldn't think of a better place to put this, so i chose this section.

I think i found a phishing website for the technicpack!

Phishing?: http://platform.sctgaming.com/

Real?: http://www.technicpack.net/

Try to notice the difference, the sctgaming one is bit out of date form the most recently updated technic page(Hexxit is still news on the phishing website, that made me suspicious).

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Actually, SCT is the lead developer for the Technicpack team.

I don't know the purpose of the website, but by my best guess it is probably either a mirror or a testbed for changes to the website/Platform.


By asapgamer's account, the Platform links don't seem to work, but you should still be using www.technicpack.net.


EDIT: Incidentally, wow.

You found a half year old topic to display how you didn't realize you couldn't download modpacks for the TECHNIC launcher from a website that WASN'T TECHNICpack.net?

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