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Can Tekkit lite go to space?


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Hey everyone,

I have a new Tekkit lite server that I just started up. One of our players wanted to go to space and mentioned that the tekkit mod can do this. We already have many things built up that we don't want to lose. So what is the difference between Tekkit and Tekkit lite? I found many posts on the difference of classic and the tekkit lite, but not the newer tekkit version.

Is there any reason to move to Tekkit other than to have the ability to go to space? Or can I do a portal to another server or something running tekkit?

What is my solutions for keeping what we have in tekkit lite and taking advantage of the benefits of the new tekkit?

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The only reason to stay on Tekkit Lite is if you for some reason do not want to play without RedPower or IndustrialCraft 2. Tekkit is better in every way- the mods in it actually have a future and the modpack will be updated to 1.6 and beyond unlike Tekkit Lite, as well as being on a more up to date version of Minecraft and the mods. There are significant performance improvements in 1.5 forge, and yes, you can go to the moon and build space stations.

The pack is radically different, and updating your world isn't very practical. Without IC2 and RP2 significant portions of your player's infrastructure will vanish. You cant add galacticraft to Tekkit Lite either- although there are 1.4.7 development versions avaliable, they are a horrendously buggy mess to the point where it is impossible to successfully launch a rocket.

What I'd suggest you and your players do is stick to your current world for now, but when you are ready for a new map, maybe when the next version of Tekkit comes out, you switch to the new pack. In the meantime, I'd suggest you mess around with Thermal Expansion, as it is the replacement for IC2 in Tekkit but you do have it in Tekkit Lite as well.

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