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Unable to load texture pack from 1.7.4


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those are resource packs which started with 1.6.2 I believe, which can include sounds as well, if there is not a legacy texture pack already you would have to export all the images and recreate the texture pack filtering out all things not needed like horses. (it is a pain but can be done. I have done it myself) what I did was started with a tekkit texturepack and replaced the images I wanted to replace

which pack where you interested in?

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if you just search google for tekkit texture packs you should find a few and since tekkit is only at 1.52 you wont have to worry about incompatibility issues

this video should give you some ideas

the most popular one is

Sphax BDcraft http://minecraft-techworld.com/texturepack

it is too cartoony for my liking though

Like I mentioned earlier I ended up making my own from about 10 other texturpacks

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