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[3.1.2] Extreme Eclipse [EE2 enabled][Login protection][Great community!]


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Hello, we are a growing server that needs your help! Our server is based around supporting other players in a fast growing community. Our server has good admins, mods, and a great community. Since the server is new, there are many opportunities to gain by joining the server, such as everlasting fame!

Owner : BrutalBrewer

1. Staff

Staff are recruited based on how long they play or donate. While many of you may groan, if you donate 20 dollars to the server, your probably someone to trust. Doing things such as advertising etc. will give you rewards. Staff are well trained and ready to deal with many situations.

2. Community

The community is very nice, and while there are the obvious factions that kill on sight (yeah, we know) there are many factions that will help you grow and gain new items!

3.Strict Policies

The majority of the policies will result in a ban. Which means if you **** up your not gonna get a second chance. This way there are no repeat offenders.

IP : mc4.sharkhost.co:25590

Hope to see you on there!

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