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[1.6.4] Modern Kingdom Reborn [PvE-Survival] [Greylist] [Custom]


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We are a small community of Minecraft players that have played together for about a year and a half. We began with small private servers just for us and the occasional newcomer using the Tekkit pack under 1.2.5. In 1.4.7, we forged into the unknown and made our own bug-ridden modpack. We skipped over 1.5 entirely, choosing to revert to public modpacks. Until now...


Running on Minecraft 1.6.4, we have now launched two new servers, each running on its own custom modpack. One server is focused on adventuring in the land of Minecraft, fighting dungeons and collecting loot. The other is focused on building technological marvels and automating anything and everything that you put your mind to. With our staff's past experience running our servers, we are excited to finally open the doors for a new round of servers!











MKRPG (Modern Kingdom Roleplaying Game) is our adventure-based server. The focus of the modpack used on this server is exploration and conquering new and exciting dungeons. The extra memory we have for our servers benefits this server by providing for larger world sizes due to folks spreading far and wide. Some of the mods used on this server include Twilight Forest, Better Dungeons, Project Zulu, and Floating Ruins. Additionally, this server has an extra focus on magical mods, bringing to the table mods like Thaumcraft 4 and Ars Magica.







MKRT (Modern Kingdom Reborn Tech) is our tech-based server. Those of you who are used to playing classic Technic and Tekkit packs will feel right at home with this modpack. In addition to the general staples of tech-based modpacks, such as Buildcraft, Industrialcraft, Railcraft, and Computercraft, this pack has evolved to include mods requested by our playerbase, including Galacticraft and Portal Gun. We also have a few mods added into the mix for those who like to pursue slightly different ventures in the tech world, whether it's a factory making all the food from Harvestcraft or making that cube house a home with McCrayfish's Furniture Mod.




Be RespectfulEverything below generally falls under this rule. If you are respectful to staff and other players, adding to the environment, then you will undoubtedly enjoy being a part of MKR.


No GriefingThis is our main rule and we’re serious about it. We’ve had one incident resulting in one ban in all the time we’ve been running, and we’d like to keep it that way. Griefing includes Killing, Stealing, Exploiting, or Destroying. As a general rule, if it doesn’t belong to you, you should probably leave it alone.


Maintain MaturityEveryone is expected to act maturely. We have no age restrictions, and we have some minors in our group, so while we’re all here to have fun, we expect people to act maturely and generally “keep it clean” while with us. We will tolerate zero abusive, racist, or disruptive behavior.


Obey StaffOur staff isn’t going to spend a lot of time telling you what to do, but if you disobey them, you’re not going to be staying with us very long. Please do not ask to join our staff; if we want you, we will ask you. All current staff has come from our player base.


There is no whitelist for our servers, but until you submit an application and get accepted on our forum, you will not be able to download the client, and new players will not be able to do anything more than wander around until their application is accepted.





Our current list of staff members include:


LordSkout - Plugins managing, server file managing

Llarryllamma - MKRPG pack maintainer, bug tester

Kmartinator - MKRT pack maintainer, bug hunter

Doctor_Leroy - Spawn creator, website moderator

3LFcommander - Server scripter, troubleshooter

bherzig - Moderator, troubleshooter


To join the Modern Kingdom community and be granted access to all of our servers, you may simply apply here on this thread, providing the following information:

In-game Minecraft Name:


Why you want to join:

Rough estimate of when you’ll most often play:

Any previous servers:

A project that you had fun making:


You can also apply directly on our website at http://modernkingdom.net.

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no links for modpacks?

The modpacks are kept private for use with this server. With our setup, only current members of our little community have access to the modpack links. This helps everyone avoid issues that can be associated with making pack updates. Those in the community playing on the servers will have plenty of warning if something in an update might break a block, while people grabbing the pack but not playing with us might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

But since you're already a member on our site anyway, you can get the packs there :D

EDIT: And for those reading this after the fact, we have provided a few links with the current mod lists, including version numbers, a few posts down from here!

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Hi. My Name is Dainens and I have been looking for tekkit classic or galactic craft. I am 14 years old and I would like to white list with my friend etmssm and CammySands. we want to join because we have been looking forward to things like this since watching the Yogscast do these things. If you have this we would join your server as soon as you respond. We do have skype, and can talk anytime. We look forward to your response

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Hey Dainens!

Just want to mention that we are currently not using the Tekkit Classic pack for our servers. The two modpacks we are using are custom builds specifically for our servers. That being said, our MKRT pack does include Galacticraft.

We actually have a voice chat server hosted on our website for our members to use. In order to get at it, though, you and each of your friends would need to apply using our application on the website itself. Just a couple of short questions, then whichever admins are around will peek over the app and (very likely) bring you on board!

Hope to see you in-game soon!

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I cannot give you links to the individual modpacks here; as a private pack we have a responsibility to keep them protected. As to which modpack you want, it depends on which server you want to play on. Follow the instructions in the message we sent you on our forum - it includes a link on how to set up the modpack under the technic launcher as well as points you to the links required for each.

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Yes, unfortunately, a decent number of our regular players can only play during small windows of time, usually at night, and a fair number are still traveling for the holidays. Hopefully with this ad up here, we can get a few more to fill out the numbers a bit. Feel free to invite friends; it's always more fun to play on a server when you have a group starting together at the same time.

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After a decent bit of tinkering and tweaking, we have updated our MKRPG modpack and server! A fair number of mods have been updated to newer versions, and a few new mods have been sprinkled in. Most notably, we've updated Ars Magica, which should hopefully take care of some of the issues from crafting spells. Catch the full list of mods and their versions here.

Happy adventuring!

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