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Minecraft: Tekkit 1.1.10 with Maxwelljones HD


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What's new?

Here's the latest episode:


About me:

My name is Maxwelljones and I play tekkit since a long time. After setting up servers and playing with my friends, I decided to upload some videos on youtube: tutorials but also my first let's play!

Machines have not many secrets left, and automation of complex processes is something I love to do on a big scale.

Starting from scratch in a new world, I am trying to make it as interesting and fun to watch as possible and giving my best to get the machines running as quick as possible; to get out of vanilla early and jump into tekkit machines.

All the videos are in HD, and quality improving.


You can find me here on Youtube.

The let's play from the beginning:


Thanks for watching and have fun ;=)

Please feel free to give me constructive feedbacks and critisism.

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