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Who has the skills to Run a tight Tekkit Server?


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Ok i tried to run a Tekkit Server and i had a lot of troubles with Griefing in particular which for many people is a gamestopper. My past experience is only with performing Admin functions on a squared away Bukkit MineCraft server which was well put together and easy to maintain. My issue is I dont enjoy vanilla/bukkit minecraft for a host of reasons but to name a couple most important: Its boring... maybe I'm too old or maybe i want more of a challenge, and the average maturity of the players and the staff on such servers is not my cup of tea for a gaming experience. So this brings me to the reason for this post. I am willing to pay for a Tekkit Server but i need expert help setting it up so that it will be pleasant to play on with a mature staff to keep it that way. Im even open to a partnership to share the burdens proportionately. If you are mature, skilled Tekkit Server guru, want to run this type server, and dont have the money to do it... drop me a reply so we can talk.

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