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[3.1.2] Elusive-Craft! [PvP/Raid/Grief][24/7][No Lag][Factions]

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Elusive-Craft is a brand new Tekkit Classic server for those who enjoy pvp, raiding and griefing. We have friendly staff you will always be willing to help you if needed, and are very caring. Our player base is growing at a steady rate.

Elusive-Craft has many fun plugins such as Factions, Mob Arena, Auction Plugin, Mob Bounty Reloaded, DisguiseCraft and Votifier.

We also have drop party's on average once or twice a month!

Voting for Elusive-Craft earns players 5 Red Matter and 5 Dark Matter, as well as $150 in-game money!


Player Ranks:

- Guest (Default)

- Member (After registering on our website)

- Engineer (After playing for 8 hours as 'Member')

- Tech (After playing for 10 hours as 'Engineer')

- Master (After playing for 15hours as 'Tech')

- Ultimate (After playing for 20 hours as 'Master')

Staff Ranks:

- Helper

- Trial-Mod

- Moderator

- Head-Mod

- Admin

- Head-Admin

- Co-Owner

- Owner

Donator Ranks:

- Supporter ($10)

- Premium ($25)

- Legend ($50) (In progress)

- Veteran ($100) (In progress)


[1] No Hacking

[2] No Spamming

[3] No Advertising

[4] No Exploiting

[5] Respect All Players

[6] No Asking For Items, Ranks or OP

[7] No Refunds On Any Items

[8] Greifing, Raiding And Scamming Is ALLOWED

Banned Items:

- World Anchor

- Water Strainer

- Watch Of Flowing Time

- Teleport Pipes

- Teleport Tether

Server IP:


Hope to see you there!


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Quick Review:

+Using TekkitRestrict

+Patched NEI/Doesn't have NEI

-Using TekkitCustomizer (You're already using tekkitrestrict, tekkitrestrict can do everything tekkitcustomizer does, using both is bad for server health)

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