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Redwood Bug?


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I have a server which is only used by my friend and I.

We created the server and was on it for about 2 hours when it crashed. At the time I was in the middle of a Redwood tree but thought nothing of it. After this we couldn't log back into the server without the screen being either black or blue and then getting the minecraft has crashed message.

So I created a fresh server and we started again. We got some Redwood saplings from standing under one and then planted them as we wanted to make tree houses... as you do! Once they had grown I went to hollow them out and again when I was in the middle of the tree the server crashed! Once again we couldn't log back into the server!

I am only assuming that this is something to do with the coding of Redwood on the server but I wouldn't know what to change the coding to so I could correct it.

Both times this happened it was from Redwoods we had grown with saplings if that makes a difference.

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Go in your mods file, save in your computer natura mod and delete it in your server. Restart the server, logging and everything should be fixed. But all natura blocks or items in loaded chunks wil be deleted. Re-add the natura mod in your server folder and restart it.

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