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Need to stop ALL dungeons/towers/EVERYTHING from spawning


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I want all structures to be prevented from spawning, I don't care what it is I just want an empty flat world. A friend and I are going to build an adventure world and we do not want players finding these dungeons. I can't seem to find an option in the config for this, please help!

P.S. I also want to somehow prevent Hydras and Nagas from doing block damage.


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I guess you can Try this:

A. Create a flat world using minecraft vanilla, move/copy the world into the technic folder, and then open that world with technic launcher. Keep in mind that new land would spawn dungeons, so move arround in order to have plenty of chunks created flat before switching to technic.

B. Remove the mod Better Dungeons (delete the folder, then update with the launcher), create the flat world, create your map, put the folder back/update, finish adding the things that are included in better dungeons.

There is no way to turn on/off the mods (which would be really usefull!!!) so, you gotta figure out how to do what you want with what you have.

Regarding the hydra-naga, the only way would be to edit the mods that include them, you will have to adjust your ideas to the mods intead of the other way arround

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