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[1.1.10]No Mods Removed GreedCraft 50 slots unwhitelisted


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I run a Small 50 slot server with a completely Legitimate item world. That means no OP's or admins have ever spawned items every item in the server is a farmed item, We are looking for players worth building with and having fun! everyones able to join.

Our Rules.

  • No Hacking (perm ban instant)
  • No spawn killing
  • No Griefing (Instant ban)
  • Stealing is allowed if the block is unlocked or a door is left open
  • PVP is allowed someone can come into your house and kill you and take the items in your inventory (LOCK YOUR DOORS)
  • Dont Ask admins for items/OP Rank if theres an admin spot open you can apply for it here.
  • Dont spam chat
  • ????=4258


No mods Removed

No restrictions

No banned items

World edit for admins

Unlimted world expansion

100%Legit World

No admin abuse

Great Adult based mature Community

No Lag

No world Limit

50 slots!

SERVER IP = ednos.net:25568 (include port)

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Hello there. I'd like to apply for your server..

I'm Mikkel, i'm 24, and from Denmark. I've played tekkit for 1½ year now, and are quite good at it. I know how to make stuff, and are creative when it comes to functionality. I enjoy the servers where there aren't too many people, and i prefer having the least restrictions(Allthough you should consider banning DD)

I Work with mentally and physically challenged children on a school for them(Physical therapis) which can cause some stress, where i love it when i get home after Work and training to just zone out, and build stuff and Progress.

I usually restrict myself by not misuing stuff, only having 1 myst World, only using 8 quarries, only loading 16 chunks at my base and such.

I look forward to playing with you, on your server.

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