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The story of a teleporter and The End


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Cant seem to find anything about this anywhere. I am trying to connect an IC2 teleporter from the overworld, to The End. The Issue I am having is that the Frequency Transmitter seems to reset when I enter the end, and wont conect the overworld teleporter to the one in The End. I can connect overworld teleporters to overworld teleporters, and End teleporters to End teleporters. I have tried using an ender chest to move the transmitter from the end to the overworld, hoping that would not reset it, but to no avail. I have teleport tethers on both locations. Anyone have any ideas as to why this does not seem to work?

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Hello Bloodworth.

The End has it's own coordinate system I believe. For example, if you bring in a personal teleporter to the end, it will still find the overworld teleporter, and link to its coordinates.

Should you use the personal teleporter, you will be transferred to that location in the end, and likely fall to your death.

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