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[1.1.10] Hack's Tekkit Survival! [PvP] [20slots] [No Mods Banned!]


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Server Address:

Its Tekkit Not Classic Or Lite.


Don't Greif.

Do Not Steal.

If Admins Or The Owner/Co-owner Asks You To Stop Something, Stop. (if you have a legitimate and reasonable argument then we might change our minds)


ItsMyChunk, Ultimate Skyblock, MiniGames, Essentials, and More!

If you want to see the rest join and use /pl or /plugins

Desc: I wanted to make a nice server, one that could get players on, give them goals, make tekkit something fun to do even after completion. I wanted to make sure that.... Ok How about this? To save your eyes from a long read, heres it straight to the point. We have minigames and survival. Want more? Better off playing another game.


Coming Soon!


as much as possible, it varys but is usually 24/7 if nothing is wrong or needs to be updated.

Community and players wanted:

I want players from all aspects to join. Hacker? Greifer? Who can code can help. Who can destroy silently can build pleasantly.

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Hello there. I'd like to apply for your server..

I'm Mikkel, i'm 24, and from Denmark. I've played tekkit for 1½ year now, and are quite good at it. I know how to make stuff, and are creative when it comes to functionality. I enjoy the servers where there aren't too many people, and i prefer having the least restrictions

I work with mentally and physically challenged children on a school whos made specifically for such children(i Work and are educated as a Physical therapist) which can cause some stress, where i love it when i get home after work and training to just zone out, and build stuff and Progress.

I usually restrict myself by not misuing stuff, only having 1 myst World, only using 8 quarries, only loading 16 chunks at my base and such.

In case you find my application to your liking, my IGN is "MikkelNorth"

I look forward to playing with you, on your server.

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