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[1.1.10]IP: chaotic-frontier.us |Chaotic Tekkit| Tekkit Like Never Before!


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Experience Tekkit Like Never Before: Join chaotic-frontier.us Today!

Chaotic Tekkit, those who brought you TekkitEco are back and better than ever! Due to problems with our old host, TekkitEco no longer exists however Chaotic Tekkit has rose and is eager to take it's spot, better than ever before. We urge everyone reading this to join us and see what we are about. But if you are still curious, please continue reading to learn a bit about us.

We are owned by a very experienced server manager, who has managed several servers to success throughout his time. Our staff is hand picked to give each and every player the best experience possible, and no player goes treated badly. We are always under construction, aiming to grow and improve along with our community. The sense of community on Chaotic Tekkit is of the utmost importance, because it is through community that a server can truly become successful and thrive amongst the rest.

So you are probably wondering, what are the rules on Chaotic Tekkit? They are few and simple:

  • Don't spam or use excessive caps.
  • Cursing is alright, but don't be overly irritating.
  • Use of x-ray, cheats, or other hacks will result in immediate IP-ban.
  • Don't kill players right near spawn.
  • Respect staff at all times.
  • Griefing is not allowed.
  • Remember to use the Grief Prevention plugin and Towny for protection.
  • Stealing from others is prohibited
  • PvP is ok, and killing and taking items through fair PvP is allowed.

Alright, so far so good. Now, you are probably wondering what is banned as far as items or mods?

  • Computercraft is reserved for donators, to help raise funds and keep lag at a minimum.
  • Dimensional Doors is removed.
  • Nothing else is banned!

So, do you ever experience lag on Chaotic Tekkit?

  • The short answer, is no!
  • We don't bite more than we can handle.
  • We have dedicated RAM, processors, and unmetered bandwidth.
  • We run off of SSDs for maximum speed.
  • Yes, we are hosted out of Buffalo, NY, for central location between the West Coast USA and Europe.
  • We improve slots as our hardware is able to handle more players.

Pretty simple right? So please come on down and join Chaotic Tekkit at IP: chaotic-frontier.us. We are a growing project and can use every single one of you as a player, community member, and adviser. After all, our players give the best advice for improving the server!

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I would like to be a part of the team to make this community grow and be a healthy server.

IGN : CeroByte

Age : 23

Experience as staff : Helper

Specialties : I don't know how to answer this, since im pretty flexible at doing stuffs and much.

I also tried logging in the server but it keeps disconnecting me and saying "Kicked for flying (or related)" , though I'm not using any hacks or cheats that would be of cause. I also checked the website and it seems like the server is down though that might be the reason

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