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Server - friends cant join


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ok so i did everything right with the server and i know i port fowarded because my regular server works. I can join the server but my friend cant. he says it say "end of stream" i have disabled my firewall and opped him to try and fix but it didn't work. Please can someone help me fix this i was planning on making a tekkit series on my youtube channel

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This issue isn't an easy one to troubleshoot because most of the causes of this message are related to your networking configuration. Running a MC server on a dedicated box with a wired connection is going to work much better than if it's running wirelessly off your laptop for example. Some things to try:

1. Is your tekkit modified in any way? Do you already have a lot of things in your world? Try a fresh tekkit server install and see if they can connect to that.

2. Move your server to it's own box, or at least separate from your client. Put it on a wired connection. Give it more RAM.

3. Test the stability of your network. This is the troublesome part. You have two "zones" to think about, your local network and your public network (everything past your modem is public). Test both. I can't give you a detailed how to but the jist of it is test the reliability of the connections from where you're hosting your server to your router and then test your internet connection. A simple ping in a console aimed at your router should help with the local network. Pay attention to the response time, usually in miliseconds. On a wired connection your ping should be very low, less than 20 ms. Keep pinging and watch for severe fluctuations in the response time. This is most often found in a wireless network. You'll get patches of time where it takes longer to make the round trip than others and that's not good for a server. This is typically called "latency" to networking boffins. Once you're reasonably certain your local network is as well as can be expected, test your internet connection. Ping an external IP address like (One of Google's DNS servers) and watch the response times. This will be a longer round trip than locally but you're looking for less than 100ms and again no major fluctuations.

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