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Future of Hexxit (not asking for ETA)


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So I went around to check which Hexxit mods have been updated to 1.6.4. Many are done or in the process of being updated. But I noticed though that the creator of Ashard Shield mod hasn't been active for a while now. I love this mod and its addons. It is one of the mods that is much needed to make the loot in Battletowers and BetterDungeons mods more interesting. Does anyone know more about this then what can be learned from his thread on the minecraft forums?

Also, how would Thaumcraft fit into Hexxit? We added it for our own server (and some other mods) and didn't think it felt out of place or make other mods in Hexxit redundant.

I would like to see a Hexxit 1.6.4 at some point, especially to get rid of the biomes bug in Better Dungeons (fixed on 29/12).

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I don't know any specifics about Asgard Shield (and personally, I'd probably be willing to give it up if it meant a 1.6.x or 1.7.x release of Hexxit XD) but as to Thaumcraft, it seems to be a popular add-on, but odds are slim that it will ever become an "official" part of the modpack.

Thus Sprach Azanor (creator of Thaumcraft):

All mod packs I want to include Thaumcraft already have my permission. Only people I am personally acquainted with have any chance of me giving permission for their mod pack.
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