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[1.6.4] SuperFunTime [Pixelmon 3.0.3][PvE][Open][500+ slots][24/7 online]

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Technic platform link:


Please be sure to +1 the pack if you like it! It really helps keep the pack going.

About us:

Super Fun Time is a gaming community established in 2010. Our main focus is Minecraft but we provide a multitude of other gameservers for our users. Come check us out at Our Website.

Forums: http://www.superfuntime.org/


Didnt build it? Don't touch it.

No advertising of anything

Be respectful, no flaming or flame baiting

Information about the Server:

On join you will receive a starter inventory of some starter tools, 5 pokeballs, some apricorns and a book with everything you need to know about protecting your builds, it's highly suggested you take the time to read the book.

Server Hardware:

The server is has 500 slots, the +30 is the pixelmon LITE server. It has 64GB ram with an xeon e5-1620 v2 @3.7Ghz hosted at a tier 3 data centerĀ 

Useful commands you may need:

/home set - Sets your home

/home - Returns you to your home

/home invite <player> - Invites the player to your home

/warp create <name> - Creates a warp to that point so you can return later

/warp private <name> - This makes your warp private so only you and those you choose has access

/warp invite <name> - invites players to your private warps

/donate - Provides you with a link to our donator shop to either donate or claim your free pokespawn


Have suggestions for additons to this modpack or maybe to make a new one? Post them here and I'll look into it.

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I really like this server a lot. The Staff is friendly and always willing to help. There are occasional times where Diamonds are given out to online players, and you have an Easy opportunity to rank up. There's even a handy little book you get when you spawn that helps you start out fine, giving you helpful beginner guidelines.

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Best minecraft community aswell well trained staff, helpful tips and guides by other players, best events that you can play, updates the server to its best potential to impress the players, and the best thing about it is the wide range of servers and the Owner comes on and talks and also hang about with the minecraft players :D

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10/10 server with friendly players, helpful community, dedicated staff, and custom plugins all together making this mod pack enjoyable and fun to play with friends. Please take your time to try out this amazing server and be sure to check out the vast array of other servers that are offered.

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