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How do I create a Big Dig 1.5.2 server?


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Download the server folder of the technic platform. When

Downloaded, right click the zip and extract it. After That open your extracted file and click on a file launch, if this doesn't works, click on the Big Dig jar file. After loading click the minecraft server.jar. After That open the server propertie file. Now Download hamachi, find it op Google, when you have it start it up, on the top there's a adres like 25...., right click and choose copy Ipv4. Now go to your server properties and paste this after the text: ip-address.

Save it. Now go to hamachi and select network, and a New network, name it as you want. Start up Big Dig, multiplayer and add server, do Ctrl+V on the thing address. Now your server works. Note: when your going om your server always have hamachi and the minecraft server.jar on.

For players Who wants to join you, they have to join your hamachi network and add the ip-address.

Note: in the server.properties you can charge all kind of options suchs as maximal players om server.

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