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[1.1.10]TekkitReality [120 Slots] No banned Items[New Spawn] [12GB]


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(Needed Staff Apply Below in comments)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our GalacticCraft server.We look forward to you joining us as we search the heavens for untold riches.At OWN we strive to give you the best possible gaming experience with out getting involved in your gameplay.Below you will find a list of banned items and other useful information.Staff is available mostly all the time.

Web Site: progamersnetwork.enjin.com

Server ip:<--- New Ip!!!!

Server Rules are very simple:

No Racist Comments/Builds/etc...

No Bullying other players/Zero Tolerance

Respect Staff And Other Members

PvP/Griefing IS Not allowed!

Open Server=No Whitelist or donation needed to play

My apologies for no photos, we are working hard on the server and this post will be revised periodically.So feel free to come check us out.Happy New Year to everyone.

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Joined the server today, and its been fun as of yet. A good anti grief mod, low ping/lag (atleast for me). Even though I have not interacted with the people on the server as much as I would like too, I really like the simplicity of the server. I would like to apply for a moderator to help out both maintaining the server, and the players on it. If not as a mod, do let me know any which way I can help (advertising etc).

Keep up the good work.

Hope to see the server grow.

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