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[1.0.10] TheFantasyCraft | PvP&PvE | Towny | SkyBlock | 24/7 | No Griefing


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We are now 0.5.2! Ip: hexxit.TheFantasyCraft.com

UpTime: 24/7 | Average TPS: 19

Hexxit - 0.5.2

This is a no griefing, no raiding, but PvP server!

+ Rules +

1. No caps

2. No portal/spawn camping!

3. Do not ask for items!

4. Do not ask for Mod/Admin!

5. Do not argue with the mods.

6. No advertising/spamming!

7. No hacks of any kind!

8. Anything admins say goes!

9. No griefing or raiding!

Please screen shot or record any form of breaking the rules! +

Plugins +









Join today! ip: hexxit.TheFantasyCraft.com

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I like the spawn area.

very open.

our hexxit group as ranked your server in the following categories:

1) ease of navigation: A

2) ablites given to new players: B


4) greif prevention setup: B. Towny Is okay. but no lockette or LWC ?

5) Better Dungeons? Battletowers? B

Unable to find out if there disabled or not. many server have to disable betterdungeons due to crashes.

6) Banned Items?: B

they banned Flint and steel for some unknown reason?

there website does not give reason.

7) website ease of use: C

Server website apperes to be a tekkit lite webite. no info about hexxit server.

appers to still be converting over from tekkitlite. forums page is lacking structure for

various info. IE. random smack.gitches..bans...towny invitation area...things like that...

8) Friendly, Helpful staff?: No staff on at time of vist. will try back later

9) Ranks?:F ranks are all for tekkit lite. no info for donors who decide to support for hexxit yet.

10) Lastly, spawn build style: B flat. open. good easy design thugh..easy to leave.

hard to get back in unless you do /spawn

overall rating: B

This server appers to be just now getting its feet wet. I like the world overall, needs amore indepth view. and time to test things like dim doors or twilight world or setting up a permament home.

def worh checking out more.

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