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Ingot Piles(Mechanic from TFC)


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I would really like to see a small mod that interacts with the forge ore dictionary to allow placing ingots in piles on a surface like in Terrafirmacraft. allowing any *** Ingot to be placed in a pile with other ingots of the same type. Color of each ingot could be gathered by averaging the color used in the texture for the ingot itself, allowing extensibility without needing graphics stored for every possible ingot type. If I had half a clue on Tile Entities in forge i would give this a go myself, and since TFC is open source the base idea of how these work is located here: https://github.com/Deadrik/TFCraft/blob/master/TFC_Shared/src/TFC/TileEntities/TileEntityIngotPile.java

If anyone brings this to market I would be very grateful :D Also, I will provide a 24/7 testing environment as its going straight into my modpack!

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