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  1. I would really like to see a small mod that interacts with the forge ore dictionary to allow placing ingots in piles on a surface like in Terrafirmacraft. allowing any *** Ingot to be placed in a pile with other ingots of the same type. Color of each ingot could be gathered by averaging the color used in the texture for the ingot itself, allowing extensibility without needing graphics stored for every possible ingot type. If I had half a clue on Tile Entities in forge i would give this a go myself, and since TFC is open source the base idea of how these work is located here: https://github.com/Deadrik/TFCraft/blob/master/TFC_Shared/src/TFC/TileEntities/TileEntityIngotPile.java If anyone brings this to market I would be very grateful Also, I will provide a 24/7 testing environment as its going straight into my modpack!
  2. sorry net was down a couple of days, join the irc channel i pm'd you and we will coordinate a teleport out so you dont lose your stuff
  3. unbanned, main post updated with new Hall of Shamers!
  4. bump with Hall of Shame added for others to see who hasn't been raised properly
  5. we are temporarily testing without dimension doors added in, we have been having numerous issues with memory leaks and we hope this resolves it. Anyone who lost anything, msg me in game
  6. auto-restarts on crash should be happening now, will investigate your claims and see what options i can put in to deal with some issue we have had regarding excessive griefing etc.
  7. was a slight issue with perms resulting in people on the moon not having any permissions , this has been fixed, you may explore without fear now!
  8. ya winrar will nag you after about 40days but functionality is only slightly limited after that. small nag screen, then go about your day ;)
  9. Now (it coredump'd and i wasn't with internet access to restart it at the time, sorry!
  10. on the plus side, it looks like only 10-15min was lost, the autosave happens once per minecraft day, so it shouldnt cause any HUGE issues , if you are concerned about it tho, logout every now and then and wait 30-40 seconds to make sure the chunks you were in unloaded and had a chance to get saved then relog
  11. looks like memory leaks are still a slight issue, server is back up again
  12. server is now updated to 1.0.4! please make sure you also update to 1.0.4(may still be filed under latest) rather than recommended
  13. sorry dude, find another server, or start your own. the lag is not necessarily server side.
  14. went down due to an Out of Memory crash, was snoozin at the time and didnt see it had crashed for a cpl hours xD sorry bout that
  15. spawn: server hostname: tekkit.mcmods.me (default port) max users 40 We are a small community, and hope you will be part of it! We have a spawn etc, with a bit of stuff out there to mess around with. We have very good staff, but we take no exceptions when it comes to our rules. We (Staff) will be on daily to check up on things. We will help as much as we can. Now to the big things going on. We do have many servers. Tekkit is just one of them we have. We don't have a greylist or whitelist. If you have anything you need to tell us or recommend something about the server tell jadon_guy or thevortex. Plugins: Lockette, GriefPrevention, Mcmmo, WorldGuard, Chestshop,MyTown Rules: Rule #1 Respect all staff! Rule #2 Do not ask for rank or op! Rule #3 Do not ask for items! Rule #4 Racist Remarks will not be tolerated! Rule #5 What Staff say is final, and don't argue! Rule #6 Don't spam or troll when it comes to players that care about their work they have done! Rule #7 If you see someone breaking a rule tell us! Rule #8 Don't grief Rule #9 Don't be a dick! We have the right to add more rules if we need too! Banned Items: We have none. Banned Mods: We have none. Staff: Owner: thevortex Head-Admin: Jadon_Guy Admin: Lectavison Have Any screenshots for us? We might Upload them if they are good enough.
  16. thevortex


    i am really happy to see the updates finally coming for xycraft regardless of how they are coming, in particular the tanks!, the crafting tables look pretty OP(not in the EE2 sense that everyone seems to rally around on this forum), perhaps a better term would be super powerful, but really, those tanks, wow thats the shot i needed to get rid of another mod that wasn't doing anything for me other than providing tanks , this is awesome and very much appreciated!
  17. those people used solder to create their pack
  18. Just a quick question, is the solder implementation designed for a single user on a system, or can it be accommodated for multiple users? Say i wanted to set up a hosting repo for people, is solder multi-user compatible or would i need to set up a seperate area for each user using normal apache methods(.htaccess etc and specific folders per user with their own solder install?)
  19. just want to reiterate my thanks to the Technic Team for 'doing it right' after browsing a certain 3-letter word forum site, i see so many issues with their own implementation of user-created modpacks, they are scouring over each and every submission, basically deciding who is allowed to share a pack with their friends and who isn't. Thanks for the common-sense guys, it appears its NOT too common after all!
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