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[1.6.4]Official XFP Server[Surv][30 slots][Extra Foods Pack/XFP]

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Server IP:

Modpack: Extra Foods Pack/ XFP: http://bit.ly/LDcKt6

Server Rules: No griefing, no raiding, pvp is allowed, no scamming players, be respectful, use common sense, follow all the rules.

Server Description: The XFP Server is a server based off of the XFP (Extra Foods Pack). The XFP is a modern food pack that has 20 mods. It includes modern mods, food mods, and drink mods. The entire list of mods can be found on the modpack page. We have fun and responsible staff, if you have a sighting of one of our staff being disrespectful to users, please tell the owner (ufully455).

Server Plugins: Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsAntibuild, PermissionsEx, LWC, Factions, MCore. (Much more to come)

Mod List: Biomes O' Plenty, BuildCraft, Camping Mod, CocoaCraft, Hats, ImmibisCore, IronChest 2, Lots Of Food, Parachute Mod, Pixelmon, Rei's Minimap, Tubestuff

Server Uptime: The server is up 24/7 unless the XFP modpack is being updated, that is the only case it should be down.

Type of Community: The type of community our server wants is a more peaceful type, not swearing and constantly fighting in chat. We want people who are used to Tekkit, because this modpack consists of some of the mods that Tekkit does.

Events: "Poke-Fishing", starts Friday and lasts for 24 hours. "Candy Tuesday", from 3PM - 5PM on Tuesday, a giant food drop party is held.

Non-placable items: Black Hole Chest (Can cause lag or crash server), Block Breaker (Can be used for major, or undetected griefing), Duplicator (Can give new players infinite of any item).

Disabled Commands (unless staff): /pokespawn (Ability to spawn any wild pokemon), /pokebattle (Can be used to make pokemon battles happen without accepting or declining), /pokegive (Ability to give any player, any pokemon), /pokeheal (Ability to heal any pokemon).







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