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League of Legends: Help out a newbie?


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I started playing League of Legends as a Marksman, but then I got bored of it pretty quickly (not to deter you from playing them! They're still a big part of carrying your team to victory). Right now, I enjoy playing support and middle lane mainly because I know how A.D.C. (Attack Damage Carry / Marksman).


My top used champions for each roles are:

ADC (Attack Damage Carry / Marksman)-

○ Jinx (Hyper insane, and intensely fun kit)

○ Vayne (Hyper carry late game when fed and/or you know how her mechanics work. Mechanics for Vayne is important)

○ Ashe (Global Stun ultimate, and who doesn't want infinite slows 8D)

Support (Supports the ADC, so the ADC can support the team..?)-

○ Leona (Stuns are one of the most powerful CC's (Crowd Controls; fear, stun, slow, blind, etc.) and Leona can be "game-changingly" fun, in terms of stuns and slows)

○ Thresh (Similar to Leona, Thresh has stuns, slows and a unique life-saving lantern.. Literally life-saving!)

○ Soraka (HEALS! <3)

Middle Lane (Usually APC (Ability Power Carry / Mage)-

Le Blanc (One of the most known nuke mages, where she can insta-delete many champions (most likely other carries))

○ Katarina (A mana-less champion, and has a fun kit. Easy to get a Pentakill with (Double, Triple, Quadra, PENTAKILL)

○ Veigar (An annoying voiced champion, but still a fun champion. Stun enemies + Nuking abilities + Free AP with Q)


I just felt like typing this, whilst my Technic packs are downloading. These are my opinions, I'd like to hear others :3

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I primarily go mid lane and use these champions  (APC only by my rules)

  • Syndra - Insane burst but no way of escape.
  • Lissandra - Crowd control queen but short range.
  • Ahri - E allows for easy setups and passive allows for sustain.

Top Lane for me is almost Riven with some Shyvana.


  • Lulu - Lots of buffs and debuffs.
  • Sona - Lots of buffs and heals.
  • Karma - Q for poke, W for snare, E for speed up. W+E for sustain
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