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The Minecraft Quest! - A Let's Play with Hexxit!


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My name is Alan, and I produce various gaming videos for my YouTube channel, Kleehveland.

Anyways, one of the Minecraft series I do involves me playing on the Hexxit mod-pack. I have recently started a "Let's Play" of it, and I called it "The Minecraft Quest." These are just some of the goals I hope to accomplish:

1) Equip the best possible armor.

2) Have access to every single item.

3) Construct an awesome underground base.

4) Slay all of the mod's bosses.

You can follow me through my journey by clicking on this YouTube video.


Your support helps me tremendously! I am also looking for guest commentators to join my world as well. If you have a YouTube channel, or even Skype, let me know on my video or on this post if you're interested in joining "The Minecraft Quest."

Thank you for reading!

~ Alan

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