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  1. search me up on skype dude ok im gonna tell you that im bored and im gonna join your server and we can play together on your server or something
  2. Im 12 my skype name is smartax1111 and i live in united states terry uhler im 12 and my minecraft name is cshoaff1
  3. can i join the minecraft quest i have a utube account and skype
  4. So when i open up the launcher I cant play hexxit, Tekkit, etc. Except B-tem thers another reason why i cant do that but it says something like i need an add-on plz help me.
  5. ok so this isnt suppose to be about minecraft so what but this is why i want Open GL i cant find a safe one and i dont know how to put it u please help,
  6. When i open my Launcher its all fine and then i go to B-Team and it goes to Mojang for a little while and then goes back to launcher. So, I tried to delete tropic craft off the folder still didnt work. So, then i tried to delete the weather thing still didn't work.Restarted pack, didn't work. went t beta launcher didn't work. Deleted some of my added launcher packs, didn't work. What do i do plz help me
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