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Looking for Tekkit Classic specialists/experts

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So after unsuccessfully searching over 20 large servers trying to find TC players with similar knowledge and designing skills as me, I've given up that approach to find players. I'm looking for people who are extremely knowledgeable in TC, either in general, or specializing in one or few mods, with a preference on IC2, RedPower, and Computercraft. I hope to share and compare some the ideas and designs I've made, including frame gunships, factories, and many other kinds of military tech, with someone of equal caliber so I may be able to add to my perspective and improve my skills, as well as possibly co-op designing a large-scale adventure or challenge map with someone. (Tactical gunship warfare map?)

For instance, if the topic was on factories, I'm looking for those who not only can get them to work, but also design them extremely efficiently and compactly, and pay lots of attention to detail while at it. Perfection should be the goal. To me, if the design can be improved, it ain't good enough. I've been searching for people who have the same sense of perfectionism as I do with designing, but have found none thus so far.

If you feel that you have the know-how, please describe your skills and areas of strength below, and we'll communicate further by Skype/Hamachi, where I'll then test your skills on my private Hamachi server. I hope I can find talented people here; it's getting stale explaining to people how simple things like reactors work, and I so wish I had a designing team to make great Tekkit Classic projects with. :)

Oh and additionally, ask me whatever TC questions you may have. Provided it's in my areas of expertise and it isn't a "just Google it!" type question, I'll do my best to answer whatever obscure questions you can't find the answer to. Thanks for reading.

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