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Are these all the right steps to downgrading my Tekkit Classic version??

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Background: I've been experiencing issues with the latest Tekkit version (3.1.3). I came here for answers and sure enough I see other complaints etc that 3.1.3 is, in fact, "buggy" and the common suggestion seems to be downgrading to 3.1.2

I'm figuring (granted I'm still somewhat of a "n00b" at this) that that means I'll have/want to:

1. "reset" my Tekkit Classic pack via Technic Launcher

2.delete the folder associated with it for the sake of conserving memory and to avoid conflict when I re-download the earlier version (are steps 1&2 redundant??)

3&4. Set to build 3.1.2; hit "play" to redownload

*Note: I made a copy of my "save" folder for Tekkit Classic. Will my save still be compatible with the older version? If not, is there a way I can make it compatible?

**Note: I've been playing with the Sphax texture pack and would like to continue doing so. I'm assuming that means I'll also have/want to:

1. delete any and all files of Sphax to void memory redundancy

2.figure which version of MC vanilla 3.1.2 uses (I assume same as 3.1.3?)

3. download base text. pack for that MC version

4. re-download the Tekkit Classic patch (are there specific patches for 3.1.2 and 3.1.3?)

5. move my save back into Tekkit folder, assuming that will work.

Final question: A main bug that brought me here was my inability to craft a computer. I was under the impression that computercraft was included in Tekkit Classic- is it not? Is this a common bug in the recent version?

If anyone can verify that I'm on the right track or correct me where I'm wrong it would be most appreciated. Thank you! =)

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1. Reset the pack

2. Make sure the build is "Always use the Recommended build"

3. Hit play


Your saves will NOT be compatible if they contain any of the new blocks/entities in TC 3.1.3 that 3.1.2 doesn't have. (Some Railcraft stuff and I forget what else.)


You shouldn't have to delete Sphax unless that Sphax was designed for TC 3.1.3 specifically.


TC 3.1.3 and 3.1.2 both use MC 1.2.5.


Computercraft DOES come with TC 3.1.2 and 3.1.3. The "recent" version is actually about a year old now, OFFICIAL TC development has stopped.

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