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Hey guys what is up c:

I have recently joined this community, so first off haiii c:

My name is Nosh and I'm gonna be playing Hexxit alot, haha. Well I need to get it fixed first... so in advance if anyone can help me can you please read this thread? http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/cant-log-into-world-after-5-6-logins.57483/

I've been playing Hexxit for two days, and I know that there are SO MANY items around and so many things you can craft and make. I've found beanstalks and lawns (wtf.) and all these other things (some times I know of e.g Magic Mirror and Chocobos) but a huge percentage of the stuff I don't know what to do with. I don't know if there is a craft guide or a place where you can see how to make stuff and what items can make stuff. I want to add a mod, the Craft Guide ( which allows you to hit the G key and EVERYTHING that you can make will come up, and every item ingame will be listed so you know what you can make with what) but I am kinda worried x:

Technic Right now is v1.0.4 and I have Craft Guide downloaded from when I used to make my own huge modded .jars to play minecraft on. If I go into the mods folder of hexxit, can I just drag the .zip into the mods folder and will it work? Or should I get a lower or higher version of the craftguide because I don't know if a. you can even put external mods into modpacks and b. what update requirements they can handle... I don't wanna put in a 1.6.7 file if 1.0.4 of technic is way downgraded or is fresh (1.7.x) (and I don't know if I can find that out)

If you could help me out, that would be great. Thanks!


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