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How much RAM does it take?

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I use beastnode personally, I've been running a 10 person private server for a while on their "Wolf" package (512mb of ram) you should be FINE on 1gb, at least on beastnode :D

*It's worth noting that we have MANY complex machines and pipe systems as well as chunkloaders and we have been just fine with NO LAG on beastnode with 512mb ram

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Thanks for to reply, I was expecting a lot more than 1GB though :o

It's a common misconception that minecraft servers (even tekkit servers) need lots of RAM to run effectively, servers that advertise crazy amounts like "16GB MEMMORY ZOMG" are really just kidding themselves, if you want a 15 person server on Tekkit, 1GB should be fine, 20 players and I'd reccomend 1.5 GB, still pretty cheap.

I can reccomend HEAVILY the host company Beastnode (beastnode.com) they have amazing and fast customer support and they accomadate the different mods VERY well :D

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