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[HATS GUIDE] If you dont want all hats unlocked on your server


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Hello, ive noticed many people asking how to disable everyone having all the hats on the servers. I wanted to make a tutorial so that you can disable that. Here it is! Note you must own the server to do this! 1: Go to your server files and locate the config file! 2: Get the program Notepad++ to line up the text so you can edit a file! 3: Find the file Hats.cfg and right click on it and press "Edit with notepad++"! 4: Scroll down the page until you find "Player Hats Mode" 5: Find the option you want (Most people want num.4) 6: Under the options find "I:PlayerHatsMode=(Your number here) and change to the number you want for your server! 7: Now your finished exit and save the file! Good luck!

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hey beanut,


I really cant belive more server owners don't go thru there configs files before going live.

I discovered that too when I went thru configs.  personally I agree, I think its way more exciting to track down all the hats and collect em. or give em out as prizes for hosted events.

this modpak is so funny, espically the hats mod!


Thanks for posting this though, hopefully some server owners will remove change there configs. The only thing I cant figure out in configs yet is how to lower the amount of ore that spawns.

it spawns so easily, I would like to make ore a little harder to get.

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