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some good plugins that work with bteam?


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So, I have a few I rather enjoy and it after testing, it looks like they work well the the mod.

1) essentials. (that's given)

2) trophy heads. (great for pvp.

3) battlarenas (this is great for a pvp server, considering flans mod )

4) towny doesn't seem to work with explosion protection?

im trying to find a good grief prevention plugin that holds its own against the mod.

factions doesn't seem to work, towny doesn't seem to stop modd'ed explosions from happening.

and greif prevention, well, it keeps crashing when I try to use that one.

or there any you would recommend for a good grief prevention plugin that can allow players to claim there own land and protect it from flan's mod and a few of the others in this modpak ?

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