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3rd world- weird lag? buggy pokemon mobs wtf???


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Ok so I've made three worlds so far. My first one got the glitch where it simply crashes when leaving a chunk.

The second I have not played on much so I deleted it. And now I've just made a third. I start off by looking at a nice open ocean ( 2 chunks out at most) and I turn around to take in my surroundings (biome). What I see. A neon purple ender man with a sketchy skin and its arms outstretched. Get this tho! He's completely peaceful when I look at him and hit him. (LAAAAGGG) I grab a sword from nei to kill him because maybe he is the source of all the lag. nope. I kill him and next I see a slime that looks very odd. old minecraft slime maybe? I kill it. Then I go into creative and I start seeing pigs and a turtle looking thing (squirtle I think) Then I see pikatu( not the hat ). What is going on??? Kinda random. Also the lightings messed up too. So bright! Any one have any idea?


The seed: lips


ps: ill get some pictures

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Those mobs are suppose to look like that, they are peaceful mobs so they wont attack you.


They are from the darwin mod.



Dont know where your lag is coming from though, im still on my first map with no problems what so ever, I even added like 50 extra mods to the pack. And its not like I have a beefy PC im only running this on a laptop.

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You haven't found them because they simply haven't spawned - they can definitely spawn in more than just beaches,

Does the lag persist everywhere in the world, or is it just when certain chunks are loaded?

Also, tell us more about this bright lighting, that seems unusual.

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it felt brighter than the usual biomes. im wondering if it was that biome in particular or just some bug. i gave the seed. tested it and it gave the same result for me. all my other world turn out ok tho. :3 the lag is just regular in that world. idk why but i cant even turn around without loss of frame rate.. and so far all ive seen is just in the beaches. every thing else was normal. just saw them in another world. still on beaches tho.

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