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  1. Reactant Dynamos have huge burn time with very cheap fuels. Sugar works wonderfully, and my system is now overflowing with spare stock. Sewage can be increased by just expanding a cow farm. I now mainly use blaze powder, which still produces a net gain, as the burn time on a single blaze powder is massive.
  2. The chunks containing both tesseracts must be loaded. This means that a system like this can only work for a limited time after leaving the nether anyway. One slightly clever thing you could do is fire snowballs at a nether portal that links to where the tesseract is. This'll constantly load the nether. All this being said, how are you pumping the lava?
  3. There were things like this in FTB, but in keeping with trying to avoid chunkloaders, this mod also does a fair job of avoiding such things. They wouldn't really fit the pack either, to be fair.
  4. It'll simply have a block connected to it that is incompatible. It definitely (at least used to be) incompatible with carpenters' blocks
  5. The only way to filter a network branch is to have a chest inbetween. This is unlikely to change, as PR pipes don't communicate in a branched network, so it'd be fairly counter-intuitive.
  6. I honestly disconnected it and started a new base. The problem occurs with both responder and terminator chips, so I reckon it's an error in the system that works out the shortest route. It seems to happen in large walls of connected interface pipes. Someone submit a bug tracker, and those of us on this thread can go confirm it, and then it might get fixed
  7. Yep, update broke something. I rebuilt my (very large) system and it was fine. Just some silly stuff I assume
  8. I am inclined to say lie - No individual mod would allow you to have that many hearts, so why is there GUI code for it? Hearts overlapping like that would have to be actually programmed in. My two cents.
  9. One of the problems with a game which so quickly gets post-scarcity means that everything is valueless very quickly. As a result, anything built around economy, and to some extent combat, is impossible, because getting to a state where you are needlessly rich or incredibly powerful takes too little time. The only commodities that still have value in a post-scarcity environment are design and labour, so you need a concept that rewards clever contraptions, good aesthetics, or long grinding. Obviously none of those especially easy to work into a server theme. I think the first thing you there
  10. MFR machines, especially the harvester, aren't lossless. It'll definitely make a net gain, but it might need quite a large startup stock to get going. These systems tend to even themselves out over time.
  11. yellow hearts didn't exist before 1.0.9 I believe.
  12. Using an autospawner, yes, they spawn just like regular wither skeletons. It however is quite expensive to run those machines.
  13. Using an auto-spawner, you can set it to exact-copy mode, which will respect the fact that it is a wither skeleton. Otherwise, no.
  14. A storage chest needs just a broadcaster chip and a responder chip. This will allow stock keepers and request pipes to pull items out of it, but also allow the chest to take items from extractor chips. The dump chest just needs an extractor chip. Make sure your extractor chip on the dump chest has been set to blacklist, with no items in the grid. make sure your responder chips are set the same.
  15. I'm interested to know that that chat message says - may be related.
  16. I'm fairly sure the green heart canisters are creative only at the moment. Yellow would get you to 35 if you add in the iron golem. I count 123 in the picture, so i can;t say I'm all that convinced it's true. I'm not being mean, I'm just saying I want some proof.
  17. An extractor, preferably upgraded for speed.
  18. The ProjectRed wiki tells you all you need to know and more. Without access to youtube you're unlikely to be able to get a lot of help.
  19. I've had this series going for a while now, and just uploaded episode 11. I thought it was about time I showed the people on here, so here's a link to the latest. Hope you enjoy!
  20. Do the classic redstone-fence x-ray thing
  21. I've found eyes to point to locations a bit off (about 100 blocks), but never to nothing at all.
  22. There is no problem with your dynamos - your machines are just taking more energy than the dynamos are producing. If you left it long enough with no work to do, it'd fill up. It;s best sense to power energy cells with dynamos, then power everything from these, so as to build up a large buffer. Magma crucibles take 200rf/t, so will easily completely empty a single dynamo, no matter how much fuel you give it. I also recommend reactant dynamos - some very long burn-times available with cheap resources.
  23. MFR autospawners with villagers in them (: None of that breeding rubbish.
  24. Also, there are definitely new biomes which spawn emeralds.The clay-covered biome (don't know the name) certainly spawns emeralds.
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