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  1. right clicking openblocks tanks of xp gives you 1 level each time, which actually makes for better returns
  2. Many of the dupe exploits lie in mechanical, magical, and container mods. Since you don't seem to have too many, there should be few exploits. Bugs, however, will take some time to discover.
  3. Downloading it right now, will try Seems to take an awful long time though.
  4. tropicraft portals tend to change the spawn, there should be a thread somewhere with info about how to fix this.
  5. That looks definitely interesting. Tales of Kingdoms and Thaumcraft gives it plenty of content already. I would definitely play it if there was a good server for it.
  6. The main problem is approval, not the size of the modpack. This modpack is actually really quite small compared to others.
  7. Yeah. I see AOTBT as a blend of adventure and technical, but the technical aspects make the adventuring almost unnecessary what with the cloning and all.
  8. Was it supposed to be in Hexxit? Would be kinda interesting, seeing as how that completely blows the other mods in there away with its difficulty and content.
  9. That's kinda funny. I mostly play the Technic Launcher, but I really do respect the FTB Launcher. Compared to Technic, they are much more thorough in ensuring there are no exploits or bugs. AOTBT itself still has PLENTY of game breaking exploits including duping. They do that while still using very lengthy mods such as Thaumcraft and EE3.
  10. Currently, the only adventure mods there are in the Technic Launcher are really Hexxit and Hack Slash Mine. Hack Slash Mine was discontinued and could have been very enjoyable if it wasn't. There are quite a number of enjoyable systems there that should be fleshed out. Hexxit is really just dull, easy, and lacks depth. The more noticable portions of it are the Hexxit Armors, Twilight Forest, and the dungeons around the world. The Hexxit Armor was really quite easy to acquire if you knew where to find it and granted you abilities that make much of the game very easy. The Twilight Forest
  11. main problem with infinite power systems is that there is a point where it's just not worth expanding still impressive, however. props to you.
  12. main difference between me and most other witches is that Witchery merely acts as support in my PVP, not the main way I kill
  13. Ah, right. It sometimes bugs out if you add all of them via Crafting Station.
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