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Server set up halp meh


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So Im derp.. probably doing something really derp. I downloaded the modpacks server stuff, and moved it into my server stuff via ftp. I renamed "minecraft_server1.6.4" or w/e to "minecraft_server.jar" because that's what I have my server set to run, it starts the server as a vanilla 1.6.4. What I do. Why I do dis. 

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You said you moved it over there via FTP? Are you editing the launch.bat, or the launch.sh file when you say you set the server to use the respective jar file.


It could also be because you changed the name of "minecraft_server1.6.4", I'm fairly certain technic packs are compiled in such a way that it needs that minecraft server file to reference to, and if you change the name of it, it doesn't know where to go for the standared minecraft server files it needs.


My suggestion is to try redownloading it, and try running the server on your local computer, with the changes you'd need to make the external host recognize the .jar files properly, and see if it works.

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