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[1.0.2] ThunderBite B-Team [PvE] [30 Slots] [No banned items (yet)]

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Welcome to ThunderBite.


General info about ThunderBite:

ThunderBite Network hosts Modded servers. Currently Voltz and B-Team

We run our modpacks on high end servers. We strive for the best! Even better if possible.


Server info:


This server is hosted in Central Europe.

But our connections go worldwide!


- This is a semi griefing server. You can grief/pvp in wilderness but not in Towns.

- Using Towny as protection

- Rules can be found on the server


Noticable Plugins:


- Essentials

- RandomSpawn

- Multiverse

- Groupmanager

- Towny


Suggestions and improvements are always welcome!


Website: ThunderBiteNetwork



Edited by Joshua Tack
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So how long does the server take to prerender the whole world? I'm searching for a good european server since AotBt has been released :)


This will take about 1-2 days to be fully rendered. But the best way is to see if its public yet is to check this website: http://thunderbitenetwork.enjin.com/

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