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Cant join server


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@conman112 - post your issue on the tracker, be sure to include a crash log if one is being generated (but not being shown), if not, include a launcher log. Link in signatureb elow.


@JKTransformers - often the case with files being opened in a particular character set, when they're not intended to be. If you know of anything about character encoding, they take up a certain amount of information when stored, if that information is interpreted one way, its one character set such as ASCII, if interpreted in a different way, it could be UTF-8 or even UTF-16. Eastern languages are often seen in the UTF-8 and UTF-16 character sets (and some other sets too, but for simplicities sake, sticking with these two) and never in ASCII. If the file is meant for ASCII styled reading, and it is opened and interpreted as UTF-8 or UTF-16, then the values for the characters are now pointed further along the character set, and will often hit eastern based languages due to that is where those characters are stored.

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