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[1.6.2] SandBoxed [No PvP] [24 slots] [24/7] [TerraFirmaCraft +mods]

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Come check out my MC v1.6.2 Server: SandBoxed
It has 50 slots available, 4GB of dedicated ram running on a Hi-Speed Low Ping Server based in Chicago.
Sandboxed has a helpful and growing community.
(over 600 unique players have visited since December wow!)
We have recently added a coin based economy using CustomNPCs and MyTown.
SkyMart has also been recently added with over 40 vendors buying/selling/trading all kinds of items.
Quests and dungeon crawling will be coming soon.
Come and be one of the first to blaze your trail and get boxed in!

IP: sandboxed.us.to



Respect other players.

No swearing.

No fighting.

PLEASE keep it family friendly.

No Intentional griefing.

Breaking these rules=BAN



Client Side Mods You Must Download:

Helpful tips for installing mods:

Put the files downloaded in -  .minecraftmods   (usualy c:Usersyour user nameAppDataRoaming.minecraftmods)
If you play using the Technic Launcher put the files - c:Usersyour user nameAppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksterrafirmacraftmods
YouTube Tutorial how to add mods this tells you how for 1.6.1 you want 1.6.2 but the method is the same.
Forge loader is a much easier method than injecting. - if you need it Minecraft Forge Installer 1.6.2  this installs to your client Minecraft Forge v9.10.1.871 which is what TFC was built on.


Any questions on how to get the mods working please msg me or post, thanks.


Texture Packs that I recommend with TFC:

Optional Texture Pack I Use: 


I found this one of the TFC forums, its changes TFC blocks only v4.0.3 Download Link  it's 13MB  : this file goes in your  .minecraftresourcepacks folder and u load it in game under Options / Resource Packs


I wanted more changed textures other than just the TFC blocks, so i grabbed a bunch of packs and borrowed the textures I liked from each pack.

I added thoes textures to the TFC pack to make a combo pack:  Download Link   it's 74MB  : this file goes in your  .minecraftresourcepacks folder and u load it in game under Options / Resource Packs

the HD textures take a bit longer to load, so the load time of minecraft is increased, but once your in game, nice!!!


it is also recommended to use the OptiFine Mod with HD texturepacks. OptiFine Mod this goes in .minecraftmods 


Edit: Feb 18th 2014

SkyMart is finished wooot!


Pictures of SkyMart



Above is the Count Your Change Court Yard portion of SkyMart, with many buildings that have vendors who want to buy your items or sell you more stuff!




Above shows 5 of the 7 coins we are using that are offered in customnpc. Bronze, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald.




Above is is Gub Gub - he is in the Four Corners Trade District of SkyMart




Above is a simple look at what you will see when you click on a vendor. Finaly a use for thoes Gems!


Hope to see you in game!

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