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Question about generated world


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So I absolutely am loving this modpack so far, but I've noticed of the few servers I've started that the world generates as a very large island with ocean being any of the generated chunks beyond that. Can anyone verify this? It would be cool to have the continuous generation of land that I've gotten used to, but with the size of the "island" I can still have fun... just curious. Thanks!

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i have not noticed this on my private server. i have not seen a single big sea


Hrmm, I wonder if maybe it is something with a multiplayer server? I morphed into a bat and found the perimeter of the land, then went North, South, East, and West for about 30 minutes each. Nothing but ocean biome. But with the number of dimensions, like I said I can still enjoy myself. I remember with some of the previous mods and versions of MC there were ridiculously large ocean biomes, but still land eventually. I would be okay with that, too. Have you been out the roughly 4k blocks from spawn?

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