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  1. It looks like you cant download any of the zips. maybe your firewall blocking it? Try to run the launcher as admin and see if that works
  2. arriej

    texture pack crash

    @Joppa_2000 bro this is a post from 2013. Please don't revive old topics >.<
  3. have you restarted your computer? Try and run the launcher as admin enable console to check for possible errors. and post a log
  4. If its not showing any pother versions on the launcher try and uninstall/delete the mod. and see if you want to install it again with older versions.
  5. I've read somewhere today that 8> java's give issus with the launcher and mod packs Download the 64bit of java 8 here: https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp. important to download the Windows Offline (64-bit).
  6. How much ram do you have in your pc? What windows you running? You say you run 64bit java but check it again to be sure. Checking you java by clicking on start -> type "java - verion" and paste, screenshot or tell me your java version and i its 32 or 64.
  7. You go to "AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks" There you clikc on the modpack you are playing and want to install the texturepck on. Then inside the folder of the modpack there should be a texturepack folder.
  8. The pack you tried to run(the 170 pack) had some issues yesterday. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902/updates Update you modpack and try again.
  9. Explain? You talking about 2 factor authentication?
  10. have you tried to reinstall the modpack?
  11. You solved this issue? or you still experiencing this issue?
  12. It looks like there is difference between the version of your server and your client version. check them both
  13. Please Read this: Here I have displayed how to get 64Bit of java.
  14. Try booting the server with a new world, Then you know for sure if its something to do with the world/chunks or not.
  15. Send me a pm, and let's see if we can solve your issue
  16. Hey, I just had a quick look while at work. But it seems you have not selected enough ram to run the game. You have 64bit installed by the looks. You just have to select more then one gigabyte.
  17. Unbelievable. I think we need more flashing lights and we need to make a popup that just stops them from continuing to post. Until they have read that mod edit bit
  18. This messages is prolly going to be removed leo. But i think i got a reason why your server is crashing. Send me a PM on the forums. Reply to me on ur server or add me on skype. then we can discuss this issue
  19. So i saw this somewhere else, lets make it happening here You know when you are a server admin if you... Put a t in every sentence in other things like mine minecraft (Like on skype)
  20. The most important thing is to enjoy your life - be happy - it's all that matters!

  21. You cant just dump your log here and expect magic to happen. and learn to read buddy.
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