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  1. Hey, Cool I could help you Tho about your question i don't have an awnser for that atm.
  2. try to place some more light around next to the sapling
  3. i have Germany rather win than Argentina

    1. MaskMan14


      I have a great server that you might love. We even developed our own modpack! Just Skype message jordanninja89 if you are interested it is also a country server!
  4. hehe yeah trues, but its still hard to do it on a phone i have eddited the fix for the problem now tho. Thanks for your contribution
  5. yeah i saw your post, i was not home at the time. so i was not able to do any good edit. I will try to mangle it in somewhere Thanks.
  6. Hey h63. Once again this is not the place to adress new issues. I am willing to help people out if they send me a pm.
  7. Hey llarssie, this Is not the place to adress new issues. But i am willing to help you out. Send me a pm and I will see if I can help you out
  8. @mayonezza send me a pm with what you exactly try to do with as much information as you can and I will try to help you out later today. I am not home so I am sending this off my phone and can't quote...
  9. Hey, Next time READ the first post. It will tell you where to find the config folder. And also i think tis issue is being treated in the tutorials of crash report reading. And seccond, IF you post a crash report in here use pasting or paste.ubuntu.com or anything to your liking but dont just spam it like here.
  10. your problem is most likely reflected in the logs of the server. So use pastbin or any other paste site you would like to use for a log. IF you see an error in there and you cant find anything about it on the interwebs post it on the tracker plz.
  11. What are the computer specs? We cant smell what your pc has inside. you have to feed that before we can judge
  12. XD when i have that i just leave it and then magic happens and its gone. i also never choose to have it on as well but magic is so powerful it also enables it!!!
  13. You have the map writer error. Next time post it on the tracker or read the tutorial on how to fix the map writer error, if you cant read the error log then learn that in my second and third post.
  14. Send me a pm with your crash report (in pastebin or paste.ubuntu.com) and i will have a look if its really project red. if it is (you have this read in the crashreport ) you can post it on the tracker.
  15. Also make sure you have enough ram. If you try to get spahx and you only have 2gb of ram there is a very slim chance you get this working. You can see in your crash-reports if its a ram problem or not.
  16. Thank you sir. I have added both issues to the main post and made one >special post for the mapgenstructure issue.
  17. So, it goes wrong with your reading. "Note to your self: This is not the place to report new problems!! Use the tracker!" Seccond when you place these kinds of posts make sure you paste the error logs somewhere like pastebin so you dont spam the forums. 3rd. i have seen this error only once before. and i did reduce the amount of crashed by updating java. but we have not managed to fully fix it yet. i hope someone had a fix for you on the tracker. Thanks
  18. If you are still having this problem send me a pm and i will try to help you out.
  19. Issue: Can't add more then 1GB of RAM to the launcher. Cause: 1.) Not a 64Bit java installed 2.) Not enough RAM in your PC. Fix: 1.) Install a 64 bit version of java ( http://java.com/nl/download/manual.jsp ). 2.) Upgrade your PC with more RAM.
  20. hey, thanks for your interest but this is not the place to post your problems. You should post your problem in the tracker section
  21. Hey, Thanks for thinking with us and of course I am willing to make a change. I will make it this afternoon when I come back from college (I have a full day till 5 pm) so when I get the time I will make it.
  22. Chilling here! helping peeps out!

    1. Rudescotty22


      Can you help me i have a problem with the technec launcher i dont have the modpack foulder how do i fix it?!?!|

    2. Rudescotty22


      Can you help me i have a problem with the technec launcher i dont have the modpack foulder how do i fix it?!?!|

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