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  1. Thank you both! I will add these fixes to the first post.
  2. You mean that every mod of Technic is not working? If so Post it here: And don't forget to include your error log.
  3. Yeah I think this one is better then the current sticky
  4. There must a something in the logs, And there is most likely an error or an error log in the log file.
  5. Glad I could help. Then go to your launcher click the cog and then on logs. Open your most resend log and scroll all the way down. Search for the -----error log ---- thing and copy that to the Ubuntu site.
  6. Try resetting your mod pack. I think this is good to post here You can find your error logs here:C:Users<user>AppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamcrash-reports Get the most recent one.
  7. only copy over that last bit. the error. The start of the error starts like this:
  8. you need to paste it in pastebin or
  9. My spax is is also 1.6.2 and for me its working fine. you cant almost screw it up but, did you add the textures for attack of the b team? And as said here above make sure you have enough ram.
  10. No backseat modding > read the forum rules oooh wait..... XD now am i doing it as well,. Dammit
  11. hey, Thanks! So yeah as you said it is indeed the dna breeder, And since the changing id's is not working. I would restore that back to how it was and then use the seccond fix Fix 2: you will have to open up your map in mcedit and remove the block manually. So here you can get mcedit, If its not working out for you i am willing to help you out. Add me on skype if needed (Its on my profile)
  12. There is a electric compressor and a normal one. The normal one runs on coal. you need to connect the generator to an energy storage. Charge batteries And use those to power the machines. Edit: Dint read the question right XD.
  13. <-- all i got to say. If you want a small server for friends, See if one of them has a decent pc. to run one and play on. Server files:
  14. Check this: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> (i will give you a hint. Increase your RAM. to max 4GB)
  15. What is it and ppl not searching the forums o.O '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  16. Calm down there with the bumping. anyhow. any error logs? Is this the launcher or a mod pack problem? I would give this a shot as well see if you can find info about in the trackers. (
  17. Both (client and server) Running on 1.0.8? Can you join other servers?
  18. you need to find oil in caves. (At least this is where i found heaps) then you need to make oil canisters and a portable oil extractor. With the extractor in your hand you suck up the oil. one source block is one oil canister. You will need one fuel canister to go to the moon. (i know you can go to the space station with half a tank. Good luck
  19. please check this: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> So you cant run minecraft properly or at all? Just Technic or also default minecraft? and no errors at all? Also not in console of mc?