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  1. well if it appears that the error is caused by shaders, Try updating the video card drivers.
  2. As you see what I and Jaxon.Wyatt posted It not reccomended to go over the 3 GB since java slows down and may crash. Are there any logs ( in the colse) files that show any errors?
  3. Anhy higher then 3 GB* And java may run slower or crash
  4. See if there are any errors in the console or log when you log out of the world or shut down the game
  5. Download 64 bit of java Get is here:
  6. Download 64 bit of java Get is here:
  7. i have no clue on how to help you anymore then. Since i never worked with multicraft. Lets hope someone else can help you
  8. hmm wierd. tho i tries to load a default config now tho same error o.0 And you uploaded all the file and deleted and launch.bat ?
  9. i have no clue, What if you make Custom_server custom Can you see what happens then? And i geuss you have selected the default jar in your settings?
  10. no, Multicraft is loading a config for modded servers. As you see here: Now i understand why you have to rename the jar Custom_server So i worked never with multicraft so i am wondering what goes on that the config multicraft tries to load.
  11. As this is the startup of your server": I think sometihng goes wrong in the multicraft config for the modded server. Any chance you can paste the multicraft config: Custom server. if its too big paste it here:
  12. looks like you have had something like this: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I suggest try that they did Make sure you make some backups of your world in case something goes wrong.
  13. ok, There might be your problem since you have heaps i gues you have a 64 bit system Update your java to a 64 bit version Get it here:
  14. the server is still 1.0.5 or the server files where not updated right.
  15. You can get it here:
  16. How much ram do you have for your laucner? I am on 3 GB now and it took me about 5 minutes before my client started working again and then i got logged out because of an Lost connection error. My CPU useage jumped to 100%for all 4 cores o.O when i joined the pvp bit. i am trying to join again see what happens. If this happens with more ppl i think its a problem with the host.
  17. I guess you replaced old server files with the attack of the b team server files? If so what was your old server jar named? your BTeam.jar should be renamed as how your old server jar was called
  18. nice that you have "Heaps" of ram, But have you actually allocated it to your launcher?
  19. have you generated an other world as well? see if the same happens?
  20. pc info? Log the server creates?
  21. Update your java to the most recent version. Keep trying.
  22. This is an error on the multiplayer server, (if you run on 1.0.5 or the server is not updated right to 1.0.6) the server owner need to create a new folder past the NEW server files in there (Download here: And copy the old world over. And do some edits to configs if needed. This should fix it. good luck.