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  1. Nice. Well this is what i have now: '> '> In between that 3 layers of bamboo there is quick sand. Mobs lose you when you walk trough it, Tho when thet do stick on your ass they will drown and die. Its an easy mob grinder for the loot not for the xp. It also works verywell on your friends XD in search for clay for a roof, but clay is a b*tch
  2. ok have you tried resetting the modpack? (if the server download does not work)
  3. the only mod i can think of is the weather mod. Try take a look into that.
  4. Have you tryed adding more ram to the launcher?
  5. I would help to post the error logs, But can i ask how you updated the server?
  6. Have you downloaded the serverfiles from 11 hours ago? ( For me my server works with that server build.
  7. This error has todo with that you have a 32 or 64 bit installation of java, Try installing both or discover the java location (start -> java -> right mouse button -> open file location -> copy adress) Do you have this with every server you try to run? or only TAOTBT I think you have only a 32 bit version installed Here you can download a 64 bit: