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  1. Have you tried updating java to the most recent version ( pick the good bit version:
  2. Well you can try that. Good luck. Lets hope that fixes it.
  3. And you can play without problems if you have no texture pack?
  4. And have you updated java?
  5. Try updating java. I have heard that when you have download problems outdated java can be the cause
  6. Lets hope. Also what you can do is while you play leave the console open ( Can also be done with the cog next the the X in the right top corner) Seen if it trows errors in that.
  7. Do you go back to the launcher after it crashed? Uhm well make sure you have the most recent java ofc and the one for your system ( everyone automatically download a 32 bit version o.0 ) here you can get the most recent java builds and the 64 bit builds as well.
  8. hmm do you have an error log?
  9. Hey, Welcome to the forums. Have you tried adding more ram to the client? for this mod its recommended to have 2 GB for the launcher for it to run smoothly. You can add more ram by clicking on the cog at the right top corner next to the X. Good luck!
  10. No if you are in the technic launcher you click the cog under the pack logo. And then you click on "Reset pack". I am not sure if it gets rid of the world, So just in case make a backup of your saves.
  11. Have you tried resetting the modpack?
  12. it sounds like your firewall is blocking the client. Try checking your firewall settings. And/or check your virus scanner. this can also block the client from connecting.
  13. Then you need to go to your config files %AppData% -> Roaming-> .technic-> modpacks-> attack-of-the-bteam-> config-> WeatherMod -> Wind.cfg
  14. Have you tried adding more ram to the client? If that dint work i recommend taken in a look here: There are allot of people having this problem.
  15. the only thing i can think of is manualy backup your saved games once in a while. Or if your pc can handle it. Run a server on your pc and play on that,
  16. ok Make this bit: server-ip= like this: server-ip= See what happends?
  17. Tell the server owner to check this on how to update his server.
  18. There are various topic of this problem here:
  19. As far as i know there is the little cog in the right top corner that where you can add more ram to the launcher
  20. There is a place for bugs. This right here:
  21. my world was generated in 1.0.2 Still we have a solid land.
  22. If you ports are forwarded you do not have to fill in an ip in your properties, i recommend leaving the "ip=" Blank anyway in case you have a dynamic ip.
  23. i have not noticed this on my private server. i have not seen a single big sea
  24. You can download the serverfiles here: While its downloading make a folder on your desktop. When the download is complete Drag the files form the zip file to the server folder. When you have done that you can go to <your server folder> -> config There you can edit the config files.