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  1. Well, my AOTB world that I have been working on for over a month crashed the other day, I think I got into a chunk error or something, but now any time I try to join it, it just crashes again, and again, and again, also, my nether portal crashes me when I come back to the overworld, Plez halp D:
  2. Why... you warned me for leaving -M00ns at the end of a forum post... what... the... heailllll...

    1. freakachu


      because I'm a terrible person and I like ruining your day, specifically. that or you failed to read the rules. take your pick.

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      Quadruple Hitler Double George W Bush Combo Terrible Can't Forget Centuple Joseph Stalin Also Double Roman Emperor Nero Yes That Bad

  3. Update : I lowered the allocated RAM down to 2gb and I am now getting around a stable 60 FPS, thanks so much
  4. Ahhh, thank you SO much, I was allocating way to much RAM thinking it would help me from crashing (I crash when I go through a nether portal back to the overworld) and I can't figure that out either :/ But thank you again
  5. Ok, so I have a beast of a PC (GTX 750, Intel i7, 8gb RAM, 750gb HHD, etc etc) and yet I still only get around 30-60 FPS while playing (Settings on Normal, Fast, and no smooth lighting) And I am slightly confused by this, because I see people using the same PC (Alienware 14) and getting 60+ FPS while recording on the AOTB pack... Just wondering what could cause this and what I could do differently. Thanks
  6. Ok, so I was looking for the "Miner's Delight" in the TMI inventory, and I came across InfiMiner. I couldn't find any info on it in the forums or on the wiki, and I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Thanks -M00ns
  7. I was just wandering how to make a small probably whitelisted server for Tekkit Attack of the B-Team
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