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  1. Did some testing. You need to craft?? a Fuel can and put that in the inv. of the titan. and that will give i fuel. And here the crafting of the fuel can
  2. Click the cog (right top corner then click on logs Get the one that is generated most recently Post it on pastebin or any other paste site. (plz do not paste it in plain text here it gets so messy)
  3. if he has the problem now that he has 1GB, and you are telling him to uninstall all java and only install a 32bit then the issue isn't solved yet, You need both, since most browsers (of most ppl with a 64bit system) are on 32 bit installed. So you need 32 for all the 32 programs and 64 in this case for more ram.
  4. Try to do a manual installation on your server instead of the premade on by the host.
  5. NVM leme take a look at the screens looks like you have some missing textures. i can only think if resetting the modpack atm
  6. As Kr0nZ said post that crash log.
  7. i am fairly sure that there is an error log it doesnt go to the launcher without a reason.
  8. Mapwiter issue Check this: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  9. For the sake of being awesome Age: 22 Knows some technical stuff outside the game as inside the game loved played tekkit (before build craft got wiped from it ) And played big dig for a while. Also hexxit was loads of fun. so now attack of the b team :3 Whats the problem?
  10. Very impressive that you payed minecraft back in 2006 while it was released in 2011. Nice job.
  11. make sure Technic launcher is closed. Tho i can add the file here to the post and then you can just download it and replace it with your old one. ( http://www.mediafire.com/view/xa6e7e914nlbw7s/cfm.cfg )
  12. You server? Someone else his server? What is on your console? Does it show any errors?
  13. if the suggested option above does not work. Get MCedit and find the location and delete the block.
  14. if you want to see search results. make sure you are on the first page of all the times.
  15. o.O uhm. Damn lay off them drugs. its not good for ya
  16. I have no experience with mac. But if it has graphical drivers try to update them. Aslo for and Do you have the most recent driver version of your graphics card?
  17. What you think how i felt when i found it it was a simpe button and i did not had to reset the pack XD
  18. you need to put the path of you 64bit java file in your launch.bat
  19. Hey, I was wondering if you can stick threats or not. If you can i was wondering if you can stick my Most common issues and fixes. () I know there is a current one. but before you can find a fix in that one you need to read 9+ pages of comments. The one i made is just in the first post where people can find their fixes. Thanks, Arriej

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      This was directed at Technic staff.

    2. Jmarine1999
    3. arriej


      it is indeed towards the Technic staff. it was ment to post on a mods profile because i was not able to send him a pm >.<

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  20. Next time just go to the modpack page and dont instantly hop on the forums. http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/bteam/BTeam_Server_v1.0.8.zip Its not that hard.
  21. Indeed. As you see with the crash on mojang screen the suggestion is there to delete the mapwriter file and let it redownload. I will make a special issue for the corrupt file.
  22. What is your server version and client version? Make sure they are both on 1.0.8
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