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  1. It looks like there is difference between the version of your server and your client version. check them both
  2. Please Read this: Here I have displayed how to get 64Bit of java.
  3. Try booting the server with a new world, Then you know for sure if its something to do with the world/chunks or not.
  4. Send me a pm, and let's see if we can solve your issue
  5. Hey, I just had a quick look while at work. But it seems you have not selected enough ram to run the game. You have 64bit installed by the looks. You just have to select more then one gigabyte.
  6. Unbelievable. I think we need more flashing lights and we need to make a popup that just stops them from continuing to post. Until they have read that mod edit bit
  7. This messages is prolly going to be removed leo. But i think i got a reason why your server is crashing. Send me a PM on the forums. Reply to me on ur server or add me on skype. then we can discuss this issue
  8. So i saw this somewhere else, lets make it happening here You know when you are a server admin if you... Put a t in every sentence in other things like mine minecraft (Like on skype)
  9. The most important thing is to enjoy your life - be happy - it's all that matters!

  10. You cant just dump your log here and expect magic to happen. and learn to read buddy.
  11. Hey, Cool I could help you Tho about your question i don't have an awnser for that atm.
  12. try to place some more light around next to the sapling
  13. i have Germany rather win than Argentina

    1. MaskMan14


      I have a great server that you might love. We even developed our own modpack! Just Skype message jordanninja89 if you are interested it is also a country server!
  14. hehe yeah trues, but its still hard to do it on a phone i have eddited the fix for the problem now tho. Thanks for your contribution
  15. yeah i saw your post, i was not home at the time. so i was not able to do any good edit. I will try to mangle it in somewhere Thanks.
  16. Hey h63. Once again this is not the place to adress new issues. I am willing to help people out if they send me a pm.
  17. Hey llarssie, this Is not the place to adress new issues. But i am willing to help you out. Send me a pm and I will see if I can help you out
  18. @mayonezza send me a pm with what you exactly try to do with as much information as you can and I will try to help you out later today. I am not home so I am sending this off my phone and can't quote...
  19. Hey, Next time READ the first post. It will tell you where to find the config folder. And also i think tis issue is being treated in the tutorials of crash report reading. And seccond, IF you post a crash report in here use pasting or or anything to your liking but dont just spam it like here.
  20. your problem is most likely reflected in the logs of the server. So use pastbin or any other paste site you would like to use for a log. IF you see an error in there and you cant find anything about it on the interwebs post it on the tracker plz.
  21. What are the computer specs? We cant smell what your pc has inside. you have to feed that before we can judge